Weingut Jülg is located in the village of Schweigen, in the southern part of the Palatinate wine region, close to the French border. On the other side of the border is the village of Wissembourg, in the Alsace region of France. Jülg’s estate has about 18 hectares of vineyards, of which about 70% produce white grapes. About 40% of the gardens are located on the slopes of the village of Wissembourg on the French side. Weingut Jülg was founded in 1961 by Oskar Jülg. Oscar’s son Werner developed the farm in a higher quality direction and his son Johannes continues this work. Werner’s wife, Karin, trusts the restaurant on the farm, which is known for its high-quality breasts.
Johannes took over the farm in 2010. Before that, he gained experience in many high-level positions in Germany and France. These are, for example: Emrich Schönleber, Clemens Busch, Jean Stodden and the Domaine des Lambrays in the French region of Burgundy. German vine growers have a total of about 160 hectares of vineyards on the French side and are authorised to use and sell the grapes from these vineyards as German. More precise names of vineyards shall not be used on the labels of cross-border wines.