TYDY Sauvignon Blanc 2021, Loire

TYDY is abbreviation for Thierry Delaunay, a winemaker. Delaunay is the leading expert in the Sauvignon Blanc variety in the Loire region and this modern, screwcap wine is fresh, typical of it´s grapes, dry, aromatic and light-bodied. Black currant leaf, lemon and fresh apple juice. It´s perfect for grilled giant crabs, smoked fish, or a crab table.

Winer Thierry Delaunay runs three separate businesses. Domaine Joël Delaunay is a fifth-generation, family-owned company based in the village of Pouillé in the Touraine region. The holding owns about 34 hectares of land and concentrates on bottling and selling wines only from the grapes of the vineyards it owns. 90% of the production is white wines of the Sauvignon Blanc variety.
Domaine de la Brossette is a small organic estate of three hectares owned by Thierry and his wife Marie, whose vineyards produce small quantities of high-quality white, red and rose wines.
Thierry Delaunay Signature is the winemaker’s third company, which also includes Liberty Wines from England. This company focuses on slightly more porous and modern branded Sauvignon Blanc wines. The grapes come from contract farmers’ vineyards and are very well made and typical of the grape

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