The Castell de Vilarnau has been producing cava since 1948. The vineyards of Vilarnau are located in the heart of Catalonia, in the Alto Penedès region, at the foot of the Montserrat mountains, about 275 metres above sea level. Hot days and cool nights causes the vines to produce concentrated fruitful grapes. Vilarnau’s mission is to produce the world’s best cavas and non-alcoholic sparkling wines in an organic and environmentally friendly way. Responsible farming is at the heart of the values of Vilarnau. Since subsistence is derived from agricultural land, its welfare is to be maintained. The better the soil and the growing environment are cared for, the higher the quality of the harvest. The use of fossil fuels in daily operations has also been minimised. For example, Vilarnau produces its energy from biomass and recycles irrigation water from a lake formed by rainwater. Vilarna has an organic certification issued by the Catalan local authority, which requires, among other things, adaptation of the farming activities to the prevailing natural conditions and the abandonment of chemical pesticides.

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