Montelvini is a winery owned by the Serena family in northern Italy. Its traditions date back to 1881, and the fifth generation of the family is now in charge. The son of the current CEO Armando Serena, Alberto, is the sales manager, while his daughter Sarah is responsible for the company’s communications and marketing. Montelvin values include respect for traditional winemaking practices and the use of modern technology. The company has recently been awarded the prestigious Equalitas certification for responsible production.

The settlement, where most of Montelvin’s gardens are located, is called the “City of a Hundred Horizons” for a reason. The postcards are colored by green pastures, flourishing vineyards, olive groves, and towering cypress trees. Over time, many sculptors, painters, writers, and poets have lived there and made the area famous. But in addition to its inspiring and picturesque surroundings, Asolo is also known today for its high-quality DOCG wines, thanks to its gravel and clay-based soil and a mild, winemaking-friendly microclimate.

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